Psychology App, Personality, Facade Feedback

Developed by a Psychologist & released in the Apple App Store for iOS7 “Facade Feedback” answers the pressing question: Am I normal?

This App allows the user to answer the exact same recommended series of questions that are used worldwide by Psychologists; Gp's & Psychiatrists to identify problems with a person’s thinking styles and to identify a person’s emotional and personality problems.

The App measures a user’s thoughts & behaviours through a scientifically structured format to accurately depict the true identity of the user. A private & confidential profile created by the user can be confidentially compared against a larger group profile anonymously created by the Facebook friends of the user. The responses given by the user’s friends creates the platform to provide “Facade Feedback” through comparing the user’s true identity with the identity perceived by others.

To find out more, check it out on iTunes

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